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Mother’s Day Emoji Messages

May 1st 2016

It’s May and Mother’s day is a week away (Sunday, May, 8th to be exact). Here are some heartfelt emoji messages to get you started:

  • I ❤ you. Thank you 👩.
  • 🍻 to you 👩. Happy Mother’s Day! 🎉
  • Sorry I couldn’t make it 🏠 today. I’m 💭 about you. To the 🔝 mom, happy Mother’s Day!
  • From 👶 to 🎓, thanks for putting up with me. Happy Mother’s Day Mom❣
  • 🌹s are red. Violets are blue. 🎂 is sweet. And so are you. Happy Mother’s Day Mom❣
  • 😍 Mom 😍 I ❤ you. Happy Mother’s Day❣

We at VeryTextual, wish you and your family a very happy Mother’s Day. No matter what you send your mom, don’t forget the heart emoji. ❤