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I ♥ the heart – heart symbols

February 4th 2016

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. You could show your love with roses, chocolates, or a necklace from Tiffany. But why bother, when you can send heart emojis!

That’s right. As always, Unicode has got your back. Rest easy, and show your love by copying and pasting these adorable heart symbols:

the classic heart (U+2764)
💓 the beating heart (U+1F493)
💕 best hearts forever (bhf) (U+1F495)
💖 the sparkling heart (U+1F496)
💗 the growing heart (U+1F497)
💞 hearts go round and round (U+1F49E)
💟 the love patch (U+1F49F)
heart! (U+2763)
💌 the love letter (U+1F48C)

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ❣


Update 2/8/2016: We’ve launched a website dedicated to heart symbols. Read more here.