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The New HeartSymbol.Love

April 5th 2016

We hate to call it HeartSymbol 2.0 cause that sounds so 2004 (think “Web 2.0”). But we’ve made a lot of upgrades to and we’d like to share:


  1. Collections: We’ve split up the heart symbols into a number of collections (Hearts, Faces, Cats, Kisses, Couples, etc). When you first visit the website you will still see all the symbols, but you can select a collection for quick access to a particular set. See it in action on the upper right.
  2. Symbol Information: You can now click on a symbol for more information about it! Each symbol now has it’s own dedicated page which lists HTML codes and Unicode information. Here’s an example for the classic heart.
  3. Simplified Browsing: Each symbol information page has left and/or right arrows that can be used to navigate through the list of symbols without having to return to the home page. If you’re browsing symbols in a particular category, the left and right arrows will allow you to page through that category. Check out that classic heart example above.
  4. The List: For all you party poopers out there who don’t really like our standard symbol browsing experience, we’ve added a list page. The list page shows all the symbols, along with the symbol name, HTML code and Unicode code point. It’s a quick way to get the information you need. Here it is.
  5. The Text: We know you love to read those humorous (I don’t need a ?. Just a big ?) or sometimes corny (from ? to ?, forever ?) blurbs that randomly display on the front page. Well, it’s your lucky day. We’ve put them all together on the “text” page for easy access. Check it out.
  6. The History: Cause who doesn’t want to know the history of the heart? We know you certainly do.

We hope that you ❤ the new Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!