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Dumplings, Fortune Cookies, Chopsticks, and Chinese Takeout

April 13th 2016

On December 16, 2015, Jennifer Lee began a Kickstarter campaign for the dumpling emoji. Her protest was simple. Dumplings are universal, from the Polish pierogi to the Italian ravioli to the Japanese gyoza. So shouldn’t there be a dumpling emoji? After all, there’s an emoji for pizza, tacos, hamburgers, sushi, fried shrimp, shaved ice, and more than 40 other types of food.

We support you Jennifer and fellow dumpling team members. And we’re happy to announce that 2 months ago (yes, we’re a bit late), they won! Well almost. The dumpling emoji was presented to the Unicode committee along with a fortune cookie, chopsticks, and takeout box emoji. All four emojis are now included as official emoji candidates, and will likely be included in the Unicode 10 specification set for release in June 2017. There’s still the possibility that objections to the inclusion of these emojis will be raised, but we’re more than likely to see these emojis in the official Unicode specification next year.

So let’s give a big clap (?) for the team behind these wondeful new emoji! Congratulations! We hope to follow in your lead with our shot emoji.

Dumpling EmojiFortune Cookie EmojiChopsticks EmojiTakeout Box Emoji