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ROFL Emoji

April 18th 2016

Remember when people used to say rofl? According to Google Trends, the term “rofl” peaked around 2009 and 2010. It’s been trending down since then.

Unicode is a bit late on this one, but a rofl emoji has finally been proposed for the Unicode 9 standard, set for release in June of this year. The rofl emoji will be perfect for when a standard laughing emoji (or lol) just isn’t enough.

So here it is! The images below are two sample renderings from the Unicode Consortium website. Of course, Apple, Google, and other vendors are free to design these emojis as they want, but the final designs are usually similar to the sample renditions published by the Unicode Consortium. Expect to see these emojis a couple months after the anticipated June release (the vendors need time to release software upgrades that include the new emojis):

ROFL Emoji ROFL Emoji