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Emoji Day is July 17th

July 11th 2016

If there’s one day in the year that’s super special to us, it’s Emoji Day.


‘Cause it’s Emoji Day. I mean it’s Emoji Day.

So when exactly is Emoji Day?

We’re so glad you asked! It’s July 17th which this years falls on Sunday. In other words, Emoji Day is this Sunday. I know we’re being repetitive…. Emoji Day is just so special to us.

July 17th is not the birthday of emojis as you might (incorrectly) assume. Instead, it’s the date that Apple depicts on it’s calendar emoji… people just started celebrating on July 17th because of Apple’s calendar emoji, and it soon caught on that July 17th was “emoji day”. Other vendors include different dates on their calendar emojis, so there’s a little bit of confusion as to what date Emoji Day is, but at this point, July 17th has kind of been accepted as the de facto Emoji Day.

So, what do I do on Emoji Day?

Another good question! We’ve been putting together some awesome stuff just for you. Head over to our Emoji Day website,, and check out the Celebrate section for some ideas. Also, this isn’t official yet, but we’re tentatively planning on giving away some super cool emoji swag – emoji keyboards, emoji t-shirts, maybe emoji costumes. Shoot us a note if you have an idea 🙂

tl;dr: So anyway, join the Emoji Day party here.