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Holiday Emojis

December 13th 2015

As the winter holidays are approaching, we thought it would be useful to list our favorite holiday emojis! So grab a glass of eggnog and start texting.

Technical Details: Unicode emojis are treated as text so you can use them in a Facebook status, Twitter message, plain-text e-mail, text message, etc. Older browsers or devices might have trouble displaying some of the emojis below, but they should work in most situations. We’ve included an * next to emojis that were recently added to the Unicode standard, and are therefore more likely to lack support.

When you’re stuck in line at the mall:

? Gift/Present (U+1F381)
?* Shopping Bags (U+1F6CD)

When you’re feeling jolly (Christmas and Hanukkah):

? Santa Claus Face (U+1F385)
? Christmas Tree (U+1F384)
?* Menorah (U+1F54E)

When it’s snowing:

❄️ Snowflake (U+2744)
Snowman (U+2603)
⛄️ Another Snowman (U+26C4)
Ice Skates (U+26F8)

Cheers! (New Years):

? Fireworks (U+1F386)
? More Fireworks (U+1F387)
? Confetti (U+1F38A)
? Party (U+1F389)

*These emojis were recently added to the Unicode specification and are more likely to lack support on older devices.